• $600m are invested in academic research in quebec every year.

• BRCA 1 and 2 genes for breast and ovarian cancer risk identification…

• medical castration with GnRH agonists for the treatment of prostate cancer…

• in vitro maturation of ovocytes for better in vitro fertilisation…

• DNA-based rapid bacterial diagnosis for faster treatment…

…Ground-breaking discoveries, made right here in Quebec.

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What happens after you start speaking to us?

  We score your project to compare it to our pipeline. More precisely, when we score, we examine the project's scientific novelty, its potential to address an unmet medical need, the quality of the IP or possibility of creating it, the feasibility of the work planned and its market attractiveness. In order to do so, we speak to Key Opinion Leaders; we present a snapshot to our pharmaceutical company network. We build a case for investing in your project.

What happens if we decide to work with you?


First step: With your input, we put together a research plan to reach a pre-clinical proof-of-concept (“POC”), as defined by the scope of the project. This POC has to be reached within a $500,000 budget and within 18-24 months.

Second step: We evaluate the results and decide whether further investment (up to an extra $1M) is justified and necessary.

Third step: We find a commercial partner interested in continuing the development of the project, or we find investors interested in launching a new start-up based on the project.

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